August 17, 2014

Konkani Trip - From Murud to Harihareshwar


 This is my first trip from Murud to Harihareshwar, the Konkan coast in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and second time visiting Murud Janjira. Though that was 10 years back.


Route while going to Murud:
Mumbai -> Panvel -> Pen -> Wadkhal -> Kashid (via Alibaug Road) -> Murud
Janjira Fort

Janjira Jal-Durg (Sea Fort) was constructed by Malik Ambar, an Abssynian minister in the service of the Sultan of Ahmednagar, who belonged to the famous Nizamshahi dynasty. The fort, built at the end of the 17th Century, is almost entirely intact even today, despite the ravages of wind and tide, a testimony to the marvels of ancient engineering.
Khokari Tombs

Near Murud we spotted some huge old tombs by the side of the road. Not a single sign as to what they were; only a board from the Archaeological Survey of India which stated it is a protected monument. Later I searched online and discovered that there were 500 year old tombs of the rulers of Janjira, called Khokari Tombs.

There are three tombs. One Tomb is the Largest of all and there are two smaller tombs. The largest is the tomb of Sidi Surul Khan, who was chief of Janjira from 1707 to 1734. One of the two smaller tombs is that of Sidi Kasim, commonly known as Yakut Khan, who was in command of Janjira (1670–1677), of the Mugal fleet (1677–1696), and again of Janjira (1696–1707). The other small tomb is of his brother Sidi Khairiyat Khan, who was in command of Danda–Rajpuri (1670–1677) and of Janjira (1677–1696).

From there we left for Diveagar Beach. I kept my iPad handy with google maps open. The roads were pretty decent and we made good time.
Rajapuri Creek

To reach Diveagar there is a connecting hamlet named Agardanda to Rohini via the Rajapuri creek, this ferry service has the capacity of carrying around 10-15 cars to the other side.
Jungal jetty ferry

Way to Rohini from Agardanda

Diveagar is located at the northern end about 15 kms from Shrivardhan. Harihareshwar is another 20 kms ahead of Shrivardhan.

Beaches near Diveagar..

Diveagar Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar are the well-known beaches in Raigad. However there are a few lesser known beautiful & secluded beaches also in Raigad. Velas and Aaravi are two such beaches on either sides of Diveagar. Velas is located towards Dighi while Aaravi is on the way to Shrivardhan from Diveagar.
Way to Velas beach

Velas Beach


Shrivardhan beach is a destination for the soul yearning for some solitude. Shrivardhan is a small black sand beach 20 kms from Diveagar with Jivana a fishing hamlet at its northern end


Harihareshwar, about 40 kms from Diveagar is famous for the temples on the seashore and is often referred to as 'Dakshin Kashi'.
Way to Diveagar Beach

All the beaches are long & beautiful, but Velas and Harihareshwar I loved most. In Harihareshwar the surrounding is very calm and quiet, almost no rush, beautiful temple, no hanky panky of pujaris (what we face in Kolkata every time), you can offer flowers by your own. The most interesting part is its pradakhina marg.  One can spend hours just by sitting there. Rocks and caves along sea shore.,We enjoyed view with multiple colours in the sky and its reflections in the sea.

All pictures Copyright © Gleebize and Sanjukta Sen. 

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