September 6, 2014

Mary Kom Review : Watch it kiyonke aapne bhi iss desh ka namak khaya hain!

When I came out from the theatre after watching Mary Kom a “feel good” factor was working in me.

But it didn’t stay long. I watched the movie but it didn’t touched my heart. I enjoyed the movie cause after a long time I could watch it with my daughter. The “feel good” factor was working because of Priyanka Chopra. She is a sincere actress and you can witness it throughout the film. Than being a talented actor, she is more a hard worker. Despite of so much physical dissimilarity with real time Mary Kom she portrays the character aptly and gives some heartfelt moments to watch.
The story line is not strong so for making a sure shot hit movie, it had to play some common tricks just like “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”.
At an important spell in Omung Kumar’s biopic of MC Mary Kom, when boxer’s come back struggles just started after giving birth to their twin sons suddenly brand names were placed in a funny way. While Onler (Darshan Kumar) handles household responsibilities, in one scene, tells his wife to have a glass of milk to gain strength. Mary Kom stops him right there and says, “Don’t add any sugar, I am going to use Sugar Free.” Instantly, any empathy if one was developing for the character and her struggle, is lost. The director and screenwriter awarded medals to Tata Salt, Iodex and other products in the movie as well.
Mary Kom’s husband promises that he will keep the family worries to himself, but calls Mary just before her important match. Most of Mary’s sessions are displayed with the same strategy; she seems to lose in the beginning but eventually wins. Such things might have happened in reality, but when you’re watching on the silver screen is not much different than what happens in a typical Bollywood film (remembering the extraordinary climax of “Laagan” despite of knowing of the protagonist’s win the victory came in a thrilling way) , so it doesn’t remain a biopic in its natural form.
Not only an understanding husband and a strict coach also there was a dim witted-weirdly accented Mr Sharma. Sharma Ji keeps bringing one obstacle after another in Mary’s way throughout the film only to have a sudden heart-change in the climax.

Seriously Mary Kom slips an opportunity to tell a great biopic. Its only PeeCee’s performance that saved face, otherwise it’s an average film. I was expecting a much more.

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