October 30, 2014

Be a Selfie master - The “ME” Time

I admit, I have some pretty good selfie poses myself. Why to bother others when actually I can click better pics of myself? This is what I think. Taking selfie is a trend today. From Hollywood to our Bollywood, selfie fever has captured all. Whether you like to take pictures or shy away from the camera, it seems that it’s merely impossible to avoid taking a selfie at some point!  

There’s certainly is an art to creating a good selfie, creating a good photograph of yourself. And it’s better to click yourself because you only know in which way you look best.

But selfies can be terrible too where half of taker’s head is cut out, the lighting is off, or the angle makes look like 10 years older, grainy.  So let’s get to the bottom of this and learn tips on how to take some perfect pictures!

1.  What you need: Any smartphone with a good camera preferably a having front cam. Nowadays all modern smartphones can capture images at a higher resolution than 4 megapixels. Though megapixel rating is not always the best indication of a camera’s capabilities; especially for smaller image sensors like those used in camera phones. But anyway I am not going deep into the technical properties just check your camera before clicking the pic.

2.  Look what’s your behind: I have seen people take selfie without noticing where he/she is taking the pic. In front of a messy bed/room, cluttered kitchen, hanging towels etc. Whacky!  And most of the time people forget that those who are watching the pic they are actually seeing what is behind you!  So check your surrounding before clicking.

3.  Make up yourself: In fact I am not asking you to do make up for every pic you take but just you are taking a selfie that doesn’t mean you can show your baggy eyes too. It’s important to give yourself a quick once over before the picture is taken.  This isn’t a big deal if it’s just you in the photo because you can simply hit delete and take another one.  But, think about the group selfie that your friend tagged you in on Instagram/ facebook.  Your friend looked perfect while your hair was sticking up, your eyeliner was smudged or you had food on your face.  Friends only post the selfies that THEY look great in.  Trust me! ;)

4.  Lighting: I think this is the most important part. Clicking a selfie in tube light is a big NO. It flattens your skin tone and looks pale. Move your camera to check where the light comes perfectly.  The sunlight is best when it comes to snapping that perfect pic. 

5.  Strike a pose: The best thing about a selfie is that you can take it when you’re all alone. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.  You can practice your poses and your angles and you can get that perfect reach down so you arm isn’t in the picture.  The more selfies you take, the more you can critique.  When you finally get that perfect photo, the one that shows off your sexy little smile, you can practice duplicating it.

6.  Edit before post: There are lots of editing apps in phone today. So download one of them. Add an effect, do a proper crop to cut off the unwanted parts. Take the time to do a little self-editing before you post. But DO NOT OVERDOSE. It may crash the original pic.

 What / where you should not do / click selfies:

1.  Beware of poses when you are taking selfie in public. You may look ridiculous to others when you are taking selfie in public places.

2.  While it's totally cool to snap selfies in most places, there are certain situations where it's just not OK. Like in salon, funeral (it’s creepy to watch in feed), at work (like text messaging how much work pressure you have ), or when driving ( after all its safety issue).

Bollywood’s Selfie queens:

And still if you’re trying to perfect and upload a good selfie, then here’s a little help from our favourite Bollywood Selfie Queens!

Singer & Actress, Priyanka Chopra, knows how it’s all about good lighting. Move around a little till you find a position where the light hits your face exactly where you want it to, whether that’s indoor or natural light. Oh, and it never hurts to show off a great pair of sunnies.

Smize!! Smile with your eyes! When it comes to looking picture perfect, Sonakshi knows how to do it. So, whether you’re pouting or grinning, don’t forget to smile with your eyes. See, Sonakshi Sinha knows about smizing!

I have shared to you my point why I do my selfie. Now its your turn. Do tell me why you love selfies.

 Start clicking .. Ready steady and pout!

Pics courtesy : Jet van der Wouden, Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Google

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