November 18, 2014

5 Essential lip colors you should have in your closet

No matter what the time or the trend, every woman should have a few lipstick colors in her collection. These are the shades that are appropriate for every season.

Since a lipstick can change your mood and is a key ingredient in many finished looks, it’s important to find the right hue, also hogging all the shades can be damaging to your finances and storage space. In order to find the perfect tint that delivers proper punch and payoff, there are a few things to consider.

Number one: Selecting the right color for your undertone. No matter how beautiful a lipstick can look in the tube, if your complexion and undertone don’t match the products, the color may look odd once applied.

Next, it’s on to texture. Glossy creamy or matte what goes perfect on your lips.

To make things ultra-easy for you, we run down the some basic lip shades you should have in your dresser. Some can enhance your natural lip color, while a few can add a punchy kick of color on your pout.

Nude – A nice nude is a must. The day you wear a dramatic eye makeup with gorgeous outfit, go for a nude shade on lips. A nude lipstick delivers just enough color pay off to enhance a look without being overdo. On days when you don’t know what color to wear this shade is your best friend.

Red – Sultry. Fierce. Classic. There is no look that a strong red lip can’t accompany–If applied properly you’re guaranteed to look glamorous. And with a range of variations within the red family, you’ll have a true red forever and deep reds for winter looks. With a winged eye makeup red tint on your lips can make you look sophisticated.

Pink - Pink is the lip color with a hidden agenda. Like red, it can be worn in many different styles–it can also act as a dual beauty product when applied to the cheeks as a blush. A true representation of femininity, a soft pink like L’Oreal Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Pink Perseverance will say girly while a neon pink like NARS Semi Matt Lipstick in Schiap will scream diva. Decide the intensity you feel comfortable with and make that your go-to pink.

Coral - Most women are afraid of oranges and corals, however they work beautifully against our natural sun-kissed skin. Unlike red lip colors, orange shades don’t have saturated blue or red undertones, so it warms and brightens every skin tone. It also instantly brightens your face.

To keep the look modern and fresh, ditch dark eyeshadows, and heavy liner. Instead, keep the focus on your lips by curling your lashes, applying a coat of clear mascara and some tinted brow gel. The effect: a bright burst of color on an otherwise bare face.

Brown - In a world where pink and red lipsticks will always reign supreme, browns often go overlooked. But a brown lip is actually extremely flexible, and can take you anywhere from boho natural to super-vampy if you have the right shade handy. A deep rich chocolate brown is a more wearable version of a gothic black lip for almost any complexion; for those with darker skin, the perfect brown will work as a flattering nude and bring out your eyes. Brown makes you feel extra smart!

Lip Care :

Lips are extremely susceptible to drying out-much more so than other parts of our body, as they are always exposed to the elements, and really have only a thin layer of skin to protect them. This is why we turn to lip balm. Wet your lips and scrub gently with soft cloth and then moisturize your lips with a good lip balm. Your lips will look healthy in this winter season too.

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