November 6, 2014

Sorry Parineeti! You're Just Another Hypocrite.

Last week, one of Indian television's most watched shows Bigg Boss 8 gained a whole lot of respect in my eyes. 

When contestant Upen Patel was seen cozying up with Sonali Raut under a blanket, Ali Quli Mirza decided to join in and put his hand under the blanket too. Sonali jumped up accusing him of touching her inappropriately. She asked him not to take such liberties with her when she wasn't even close to him as a friend, leave alone the level that he had been imagining when he did the under-the-blanket act. He first laughed, then denied, then sulked. Bigg Boss took away his right to be a captain in the house and also nominated him for eviction.

I was heartened by the fact that everyone in the house, including people who don't really like Sonali, were seen fired up in her defense, and rightly so. After all, a woman has all the right to cozy up with a man as long as she is okay with it. It doesn't give any other man the right to touch her without her consent.

I am guessing that Ali acted with the mentality of the general Indian man while putting his hand under the blanket. ‘If she is okay with Upen touching her, why not me?' Ali thought that he would get away scot-free. Unfortunately for him, he had not heard of the feminist move that took place a few decades ago making 'consent' the key word here. In all honesty, I was happy with Indian television on Saturday.

Pic courtesy : iDiva

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