December 26, 2014

Elegant Party Decoration Ideas

It's the holiday season, and time to throw a fabulous party with your family and friends Decoration is one of the integral components of efficient party hosting.

 It sets the mood of party and compliments good food and quality drinks. It reflects the taste of the party host hence minute detailing of it is extremely important. Here we have discussed a few tips for planning an elegant party regardless you are planning for celebration of a birthday or the occasion of Halloween.

Colors bring magical effect
Do not make the party ambience full of colors unless it is a kid’s party. Take 3-4 theme colors and arrange everything based on that. For example, you must take black, white is obviously a must have color and bright and contrast color to black like green or red or yellow. You must take a look at your crockery colors. If it is red in color, choose the color red, and if they are blue in color you must include blue color in your party theme.
If your plan is experimenting with colors try this three color plan in a different way. For example, if you use black table cover, white/silver crockery, you can use red flowers for table decoration. The color of the crockery is an essential part of party decoration hence you have to especially careful of these colors and their uses as a backdrop of your party decoration.
However, afternoon parties like hi-tea or brunch parties are relaxed one; use of sober colors keeps the ambience relaxed, cool, and cozy. Cream and pastel colors keep the ambience elegant, refined, and matured. In case it is a birthday party at afternoon celebration, add some colorful balloons inside the hall. It will express the fun and bright merriment of the party mood.

Lighting arrangement
If colors set the party ambience light retains the mood. Hence it is important to learn the efficient use of lighting. While dim lights add more intensity in the ambience, bright light keeps everything easy going and spreads a message of fun and casual entertainment. In daytime party hardly any special light arrangement is required. But things are really different if you set your party for the evening or for the night.
Candles can enliven a dinner party bet. It adds extremely romantic atmosphere. However if it is a group dinner party, instead of candles, use a chandelier. Its ambience will add gorgeous elegance to your party décor. In addition to candles and small lights, you can arrange floating candles also; it is looks wonderful with flowers.

Selection of party theme
You must select a party theme in order to make the party entertaining. However this theme plan works more for kids’ party and for birthday party. The parties, which are arranged for celebration of a special occasion like Halloween, are always based on theme. These themes are colorful themes; host as well as guests takes active participation in these theme parties. Moreover oriental theme, butterfly theme, flower party themes are wonderful ideas of kids’ party and celebration. These themes add extra fun, creativity, and merriment in the party where kids and adults can participate together. 


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