January 8, 2015

“Cerca trova” Inferno (seek and ye shall find)

Phew! Just finished reading Inferno, Dan Brown’s latest thriller at one stretch of 3 days. Why I love to read Dan Brown novel? Ok so here are the points.

Dante's famous quote
·        You read a Dan Brown novel to be carried along on a plot that runs on the same pace of one of those lavish foreign high-speed trains.
·        With the original locations and real historical facts sometimes you feel like that you are watching the events as a disguised viewer.

·   You read a Dan Brown book to know historical facts and famous pieces of art positioned in new perspective, and if you love history you learn a lot from his writings.

·        The range of historical aspects he reveals in his books is extremely detailed, sometimes little boring though.

·        You have to read the book on one hand, and Google search with the other. Dan Brown has not only written a great story, but also has taken us on a tour of Florence, Venice and Istanbul.
Dante's Death Mask

Inferno throws Robert Langdon (Dan Brown's globe-trotting symbologist) into the fire for an Italian adventure inspired by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.

Prof. Langdon , known for his tweed jacket, Mickey Mouse watch, is back for a matter of life, death and Dante.
Botticeli's Map of Hell

Its villain, a mad scientist Zobrist who commits suicide in beginning, is obsessed with Dante, and that is why the book is called Inferno.
Vasari Corridor and Arno River. Pic © Gleebize

Zobrist thinks that the world has become so overpopulated that it is only a step away from descending into Dante’s vision of Hell. He therefore decides to do something about it, and leaves a series of clues and video, on Sandro Botticelli’s famous The Map of hell or on the back of Dante’s famous death-mask in the Chamber of the 500 in Florence, for example. There are also clues in Florence’s Baptistery, and in the Cathedral of St Mark in Venice.
Florence’s Baptistery © Gleebize

If you are not aware of Dante, Brown has covered important aspects of the Italian poet and his works.

He narrates a well-paced thriller, keeping in mind of exotic film locations for the movie that is bound to follow.

So after “The DA Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” now I am waiting for the movie “Inferno”. 

Hagia Sofia Istanbul

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