January 9, 2015

Natural Bleach to Remove Tan

Chemical bleaches make skin dry so try this natural bleach.

-Make a paste of the carrot
-Squeeze the tomato with your hands and remove the pulp derived.
-Now squeeze the juice of the lemon and make a paste of the coriander and mix all the pulps & pastes.

-Start by washing the face using a mild baby soap or cleanser.
-Tone the face with either readily available toner or use the juice of a cucumber.

-If you have extremely sensitive skin, limit in using lemon to only about two or three drops and use a little honey in addition.
-Mix a little milk in it and see that you get a paste that resembles the consistency of bleach.

-Leave this to refrigerate for about 15 mins before you apply to the face and neck using either your fingertips, or a brush.

-Leave on for about 15 mins before washing off with water and using cleanser, if required.

This treatment is safe to use as often as once a week.

Beauty Tips - Sangita Mothe

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