March 10, 2015


She claims she never went away from Bollywood, and if you see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan posing like a star on the cover of Vogue this month, you may be inclined to believe her claim. In the past year, we  have seen Vogue covers with a baby faced Alia Bhatt trying to look sexy and Shraddha Kapoor looking drier than the sand dunes she was posing next to.  Now, seeing a  a camera-friendly face like Rai Bachchan's donning the Vogue cover  is surely refreshing.

In the cover photo, the actress is stripped off her make-up, the usual winged eye liner that she loves to wear and there is no pop of color on her lips. The look is very '70s and the photo is in black-and-white.

The ex-Miss World is seen sporting a fringe and her eyes are murky grey. She wears a sheer black shirt with a fur collared Tommy Hilfiger coat on top. Vogue India also shared another photograph of the actress in a red dress rocking fringes and curls.

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