June 29, 2015

Sojourn to Solitude- Jorpokhri and Ramdhura

“All mountain landscapes hold stories: the ones we read, the ones we dream, and the ones we create”. My “Sojourn to Solitude” is about the moments that amazed me, made me silent for a while and feel one with the universe.  

A trip to mountain in the month of May is actually not a great idea, if one really wants to watch the Himalayan range clearly. My trip to Darjeeling two years ago was in vain. Visiting mountains in the month of May and June is a bit late to experience the snow-capped peaks, and due to rainy weather, skies are too foggy at this time.

Hence we wondered if we are lucky enough to see the majestic Kanchenjunga!! With all these doubts in mind, we left Tinchuley. Our next stop over was a tiny hamlet Jorpokhri – an untouched natural beauty perched on a hilltops. Surrounded by a beautiful park, lakes, the place boasts of some excellent natural flora and fauna, with a huge number of pine trees around. The area is a part of the forest named Senchal with gorgeous tranquility. A panoramic view of Kanchenjunga rising far above the clouds is the major lure through the pine forest in clear weather.

We weren’t fortunate enough to watch the royal view from Jorpokhri. However we witnessed the aesthetic beauty of floating clouds through the tall pine trees and the grassy meadows sprinkled with wild flowers, the lakes adorned with swan create the landscape so dreamy, I absolutely got enthralled with the magical quality that emanates from this place.

An experience that will never fade away from my memory

I can still visualize the spectacle of Kanchenjunga getting light of beam amidst the floating clouds. An unforgettable moment in entire trip simply refuses to fade away. And still now in the cacophony of Mumbai, I can hear the sound of the wind rustling through my ears as I stand on balcony watching the imperial sight.

We were in Ramdhura, a picturesque small village surrounded by mist covered pine forests and lush green valley. On the last day morning after a sudden downpour in night, I got up early, drew the curtains to check the weather. It was unbelievably misty even the neighbouring house couldn’t be seen properly. Our voyage was at an end, we started packing to leave for NJP. Suddenly I spotted climate was becoming clear. Just being curious I peeped through the door and my jaw dropped. “Wow!!” I screamed as I looked upon the snow-capped mountains. I etched the amazing view of the Himalayas in my memory and that moment was so special. At that very instant moment I felt like “One does not see the Kanchenjunga, she lets you see her.”

Through the thin haze that hung over the air, the view was dreamlike. The lady owner of the homestay smiled “you are lucky she came out after 2/3 weeks.” Blessed!!  Frankly speaking I travelled three offbeat spots without much expectation but then came back with full of memoirs, soulful scenic beauties of the spots and a SD card filled with wonderful snaps of the entire tour. Here I need to mention that the entire trip was planned perfectly by my travel buff uncle. :)

Needless to say I crave more…. I wish to see Mt. Kanchenjunga again and again, perhaps from some other spots.


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