September 27, 2016

Women can be far more patient leaders says Richa Chadda

A woman can be a better leader than a man thinks Bollywood actress Richa Chadda.

The ‘Masaan‘ actress who was present at the book launch of ‘Ms Draupadi Kuru’ written by Trisha Das said, “We all say this is a man’s world. But what is the point of having male leaders while we can see there is a war in every country? I am telling you if women were the leaders, there would be leaders who were far more patient because women care about the species. There is a big difference in a male leader and female leader.”

Richa expressed she never wished to be a man and quoted a line from a song, ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’.

“I never thought that if I was a man. However, sometimes I feel about some men, if they were women, they might be little more emotional, tactful; multitasker and most importantly might have control over their anger. I think men should be more sensitive,” She said.

“We blame a rape victim instead of who did the crime so there is something wrong with our society and those people who point out the woman.  No woman asks for it… it’s horrible. The change has to come from all of us from women men or a patriarchal man to feminist women and that is how we would be able to move towards progress.” She added.

About the recent MNS threat to the Pakistani actors, the actress said, “I want a peaceful solution. We as artists don’t indulge people in fights. We talk about art and culture. If banning a channel and actors could bring the guarantee for no more attack on our country, do it. But can anyone able to give an assurance like that? ”

On Uri attack, Richa, 29 told, “It’s a grievous situation. I feel this is a cowardly act to attack the sleeping soldiers. I feel our Prime Minister and our Army is strong enough to tackle the situation. Let government handle it politically.”

Workwise, Richa will be seen in Sudhir Mishra's version of the Devdas saga, entitled Dasdev  and in Pooja Bhatt's Cabaret, featuring Chadda as the female lead.

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