About Me

Hi Friends, WELCOME TO gleebize.com

Thanks for stopping here. Now you are here in this About me Section so i assume you might want to know little about me. Well  I like to think my self as a fun person who has a very positive mind. I love writing, photography and a complete Bollywood lover. Being a movie buff I understand people's inquisition about Bollywood celebs. As I am working for 4 years in this industry as an Editor and content writer , thought of converting my blog into a reading pleasure for all. All I can say its a simple blog , combination of my touch , Bollywood chitchat , some fashion trends, my cooking and off course photography. How can I miss that? :)

I love writing so here I am presenting news and articles in my way . Hope you all will like to read. Fell free to share your comments as they are valuable for me. And also suggestions for  any new you want me to include in my blog. 

I start this blog as an acknowledgement to my Ma, Baba, My husband, and my sweet little kiddo. Who always suggest me to change this or that. I love you my baby! <3

I am available for freelance writing on Bollywood related articles or static ones. Contact me for detailed information.

P.S please do not forget to visit my other sections just to little spice up your pass time :)

Thanks & Regards


  1. Good work Sanjukta. keep it up. God bless you.

  2. Hey I didnt know about this new venture of yours. Great work. And best luck